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Tartan Table Covers

Cover your tables in tartan! Choose your favorite tartan as a table overlay or drape or use several different tartans to create even more interest. Add a small framed wall hanging and a book about your clan. The Tartan Table Cover is made using the tartan of your choice. It is self-fringed on all 4 sides.  This can also be used as an evening wrap, see Wear the Plaid.

36" x 36"  $125.00

54" x 54"   $175.00

Table Cover 1.JPG

Tartan Throw

These Tartan Throws make great gifts! The tartan of your choice is lined with coordinating fabric and bound with decorative cording or fringe.

Approximately 36" x 54".


Tartan Chair Back Covers

Dress up your chair backs! Just slip these Chair Back Covers over your dining room chair backs for a proud display of your heritage or profession. Choose your favorite tartan and add your crest and name or designate your professional symbol to be embroidered on suitable fabric. Camouflage and other fabrics available.

Pricing based on your specifications.

Kilt Koozie

Your drink will always be the perfect temperature and stylishly dressed for any gathering in a Clan Tartan Kilt Koozie!  


Wholesale prices available for your Clan Merchandise Sales.


Tartan Bell Pull

Reminiscent of 'days of yore', these beautiful Tartan Bell Pulls are a perfect way to display your clan tartan and crest in small spaces. They measure 8" x 34" and are fitted with dowel and cord for hanging.


Tartan Table Runner and Placemats


If your dinner guests don't like the Haggis, wow them with your table setting. Tartan Table Runners and Placemats made from your favorite clan tartan will be the perfect setting for any fare. Napkin rings are small circles of tartan fabric pinned with a clan cap badge.  Add small tartan flag place cards for that 'extra' touch.

Price  8 Placemats   (12"x17")                                                $150.00  set

Table Runner (10" x 36") and 6 Placemats (12" x 17")        $150.00  set

Napkins Rings                                                                          $10.00  each

12 Placecards                                                                            $10.00  set

Tartan Printed Textiles

These are just a few examples of the the new “printed” materials we are able to provide – suitable for most any need in the home or at the games.  

Pricing based on your specifications.

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