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Christmas Accessories

Tartan Christmas Stockings

Tell Santa to fill your Clan Tartan Stockings with your favorite Celtic gifts. Choose different tartans for each family member to add variety to you display. Tartan Christmas Stockings are made in your choice of tartan. Approximately 18" long. Clan crest and name may be added for an additional charge. Camouflage and other fabrics available.



Tartan Christmas Tree Ornaments

Decorate your tree with these unique Tartan Christmas Tree Ornaments. Blazer size badge is affixed to tartan or other fabric with clutch pins and encased in wood-grain acrylic frame suitable for hanging on the tree for the holidays and on any wall afterwards.  Badge can be removed and worn on your blazer.

Set of 3:  $75.00

Tartan Christmas Tree Skirt

The elegant Tartan Christmas Tree Skirt honors the legacy of your Celtic ancestors during the holidays. It is made in your choice of tartan and lined with coordinating fabric. Camouflage and other fabrics available.

36" Round:  $175

54" Round:  $250

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