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Wear the Plaid



Use these badges to adorn your blazers, bag pipe covers and flags, caps, and sashes - just to give you a few ideas.   We can use the Scottish Clan Crest or create a custom badge from your artwork.  If you need assistance with this artwork, we can help.


Wholesale prices available for your Clan Merchandise Sales.

Blazer Size:  $15.00

Blazer Size with Name:  $18.00

Blazer Size with Name and Clutch Pins:  $20.00

Cap Badge 2 1/2" with Pins:   $8.00


The kilt, or belted plaid, is considered standard dress for the Highlander.  Kilts are made of your choice of tartan. The fabric is belted around the waist and pleated in back.    

Pricing based on your specifications.  

Fly Plaid


The Fly Plaid is usually a 54" square of the same tartan and fabric as the kilt and is draped over the left shoulder.  One corner is gathered to accommodate a brooch or to be inserted through the epaulet of the jacket.


Tartan Tie


Our ties are made from your choice of wool tartan.  Bow Ties are made with a black band for regular collars or a tartan band for wing-tip collared shirts.  

Straight Tie:  $35.00

Black Band Bow Tie:  $25.00

Tartan Band Bow Tie:  $30.00

Clip on Bow Tie:  $25.00

Tartan Handkerchief

The Tartan Pocket Handkerchief is a great accessory for a jacket.


Tartan Cummerbund

The  Tartan Cummerbund is made from your choice of tartan.  For formal events, this is a must have!  


Tartan Ladies Skirt

The Tartan Ladies Skirt is made from your choice of tartan. It features an elastic waist and one seam in the back.  Choose the length you like best!

Starts at: $100.00

Tartan Sash

Compliment any outfit with a splash of tartan. The Tartan Sash is made from your choice of  tartan.  


5.5" x 43"     $30.00

10.5" x 54"   $45.00

10.5" x 90"   $65.00

Tartan Shawl

This large 54" square Tartan Shawl adds a bit of warmth for those chilly days or serves as a classy evening wrap. Your favorite clan tartan is self-fringed on all four sides and has many diverse uses --use your imagination!  Can even be used as a table cover - see Home Accessories


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