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Confederate Memorial

Large Confederate Memorial Banner

The banner is lined with coordinating fabric. It bears the large SCV Badge and the Camp Name Strip. It is suitable for carrying or hanging and can also be used as a casket Pall. Approximately 36" x 54".



04 SCV Pall.JPG

3-Piece Flag Pole

The vertical portion of the 3-Piece Flag Pole comes in 2 pieces that can be screwed together to finish at 5'.  The horizontal portion measures approximately 26" and all 3 pieces are packaged in a storage bag for ease in packing and storing. 


Pole Carrier

Rest those weary arms! The adjustable web pole carrier is worn around the neck and has a pouch at the bottom to support the flag pole.  Machine washable. This carrier is also a novel way of displaying your pins. 


All items in this category are made using Confederate Memorial Tartan.

Confederate Memorial Banner

The banner is lined with coordinating fabric. The badge is beautifully embroidered using silk and gold bullion thread. The Camp Name and Number are embroidered on the strip provided. The banner measures approximately 26" x 34", hemmed across the top with velcro tabs down the center of back to secure it to the pole.  Pole not included.


Framed Wall Hanging

This wall hanging displays a large SCV Badge with Embroidered Camp Name and Number.

   SCV Badge and Name Strip in 15"x 15" Frame.  $175.00

SCV Badge and Name Strip in 16"x 33" Frame with Badge and Name Strip.  $250.00

* 16" x 33" Panel Only (No Frame) Badge and Name Strip.  $175.00

   Large SCV Badge:  $80.00
   Name Strip Embroidered with Camp Name and Number: $20.00

* The 16" x 33" panel can be used as a casket cap panel.

Confederate Memorial Tartan History


The colors of the tartan represent the various branches of the Confederacy.

The predominant gray tones echo the butternut coloring of the uniforms.

The yellow symbolizes the cavalry.

The light blue is linked with the infantry.

The red signifies the artillery.

The dark blue is for the navy.


Confederate Memorial Tartan Flag

The 3' x 5' Flag is a beautiful way to display your southern heritage.  It is made with a hem on one side to accommodate a flag pole.    Pole not included. 



Confederate Memorial Tartan Handkerchief

The Tartan Pocket Handkerchief is a great accessory for a jacket.


Confederate Memorial Tartan Cumberbund

For formal events, this is a must have!  


Confederate Memorial Tartan Ties

Straight Tie $35.00

Black Band Bow Tie $25.00

Tartan Band Bow Tie $30.00

Clip-On Bowtie $25.00

Men's Wear

Confederate Memorial Tartan Kilt

The fabric is belted around the waist and pleated in back.    

Pricing based on your specifications.  

cm kilt.jpg

Confederate Memorial Tartan Ladies Skirt

Ladies Skirt features an elastic waist and one seam in the back.  Choose the length you like best!

Starts at: $100.00

Confederate Memorial Tartan Sash

Compliment any outfit with a splash of Confederate Memorial Tartan. 

5.5" x 43"     $30.00

10.5" x 54"   $45.00

10.5" x 90"   $65.00


Confederate Memorial Tartan Shawl

This large 54" square Shawl adds a bit of warmth for those chilly days or serves as a classy evening wrap. It is self-fringed on all four sides and has many diverse uses --use your imagination!



Women's Wear

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