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Kirkin' O' The Tartan

Trish Edwards & family
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On the 25th day of July, 1745, the young Prince Charles Edward Stewart (Bonnie Prince Charles) returned from France and landing at Lochnanaugh began the enlistment of the Highland Clans for his abortive attempt to dethrone George II of England and to restore the Scottish throne to the Royal House of Stewart. After a succession of victorious battles with the English at various locations, vastly outnumbered, exhausted and hungry, the reduced Highland ranks were utterly routed at Culloden on April 16, 1746.

To subdue the spirit of the vanquished Highlanders, the English Parliament at Westminster invoked the Act of Proscription that banned the wearing of any sign of the Tartan, forbad any speaking in Gaelic, outlawed Scottish music, dancing and the playing of the pipes, which the Act said “emitted an aggressive and warlike sound.”

It was 36 years before the Act of Proscription was revoked and, during all those years, Highland churches had a special day when the Highlanders gathered, each with a small piece of Tartan concealed under their outer clothing and, with the right hand held over the precious piece, they all joined in the prayer that it might please God speedily to cause the repeal of the devastating Act of Proscription.

When finally the Act was repealed, the Highlanders, as Cunningham in his History of Scotland has written: “returned with joy to their beloved kilt, no longer bound to the unmanly trews of the lowlanders.” In 1941, the Rev. Peter Marshall, chaplain of the U.S. Senate and minister of Washington’s New York Avenue Presbyterian Church created a special Sunday service to give solace to Scottish-Americans involved in the war and this ceremony of the tartan being blessed in church has been practiced throughout Canada and the United States since that time. Even American astronaut Alan L. Bean took a piece of Armstrong tartan to the moon and back.

Tartan Tie


Our Tartan Ties are made from your choice of wool tartan. 



Tartan Handkerchief

The Tartan Pocket Handkerchief is a great accessory for a jacket.



Tartan Bowtie


Tartan Bow Ties are made from your choice of tartan.


Tartan Ladies Skirt

The Tartan Ladies Skirt is made from your choice of  tartan. It features an elastic waist and one seam in back.  Choose the length you like best.  

Starting at $100.00


Tartan Sash


Compliment any outfit with a splash of tartan. The Tartan Sash is made from your choice of tartan.  


5.5" x 43"     $30.00

10.5" x 54"    $45.00

10.5" x 90"   $65.00

Tartan Shawl


This large 54" square Tartan Shawl adds a bit of warmth for those chilly days or serves as a classy evening wrap. Your favorite clan tartan is self-fringed on all four sides and has many diverse uses --use your imagination!


Tartan Parade Banner

Lead your clan with pride and distinction. This elegant Tartan Parade Banner is made using your choice of tartan lined with coordinating fabric. Each banner displays a large clan crest and name and measures approximately 26” x 34”. It is hemmed at the top and fastened with velcro tabs down the center of the back to secure the banner to the pole.        Pole not included.


Tartan Flag


The 3' x 5' Tartan Flag is a beautiful way to display your tartan and identify your clan at events or at your home or office.  It is custom made using your choice of tartan with a reinforced hem on one side to accommodate the flag pole.    Pole not included. 


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