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Custom Work

Celtic Fonts

We have a wide selection of Celtic Fonts that can be used to customize your artwork.  A few of the many options we can choose from are shown here.

Vinyl Tartan 

Vinyl Tartan is the perfect solution for inclement weather because it is printed on waterproof vinyl and finnished with heat welded seams.  Perfect for a Clan Sept or History, Booth Banner, Tent Swag, Stage Signs for Bands and Musicians, Family Gatherings and many other uses.

Custom Work

If you can imagine it, we are happy to help you make it a reality.  Below are a few samples of some of the unique items created by The Tartan Lady, at the request of our amazing customers.  

Tartan Printed Textiles

These are just a few examples of the the new “printed” materials we are able to provide – suitable for most any need in the home, office or at the games.  

Ribbons and Shapes

We can add ribbons and curved font texts along with multiple shapes to most items.  Here are a few of the things we've created.

What Can You Imagine?

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